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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Thomas Blackburn III, CEO of Thomas Instrument has been a leader in the machine tool industry in Texas for over half-a-century after acquiring his family’s business. The company’s main focus is now on aviation, defense, and space after decades providing for the energy sector. Blackburn says the firm’s key to longevity is “sticking to what you know, but also knowing when you need to diversify to meet market needs and to take advantage of opportunities.” After decades of ups-and-downs in a volatile oil and gas market, Blackburn made the decision to diversify into other areas in the 1980s. His bet and gusty decision to diversify proved it was the right choice as his firm has seen steady growth, stability in workforce personnel, and an expansive range of new products. Blackburn says balance is important for growth but “watching your debt is the most important lesson of all.”

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