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Takisawa TS-4000YS

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Y-Axis, Opposed Twin-Spindle / 1 Turret Type TAKISAWA Superb Turning Center TS-4000YS!

TAKISAWA has released the process integration type combined machining CNC lathe TS-4000YS flexibly corresponding to variable-kind variable-lot workpieces required in aircraft, medical, and construction machine markets growing in demand. With the right and left two spindles, it can complete machining of front and rear processes all in one. The chuck size is 10", and the 30 HP (22 kW) built-in spindle motor ensures high speed cutting. The tool capacity, which is the most important factor in combined machining, is more than 40 tools when attaching a double holder to the optional 20-station turret. The bar material machining capability of the spindle is increased to incomparably large 82 mm to correspond to the latest machining methods optimum for variable-kind variable-lot workpieces.

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